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Bathing, showering and toiletry needs

Taking a bath or shower on your own requires significant cognitive and physical abilities of flexibility, balance strength and confidence. If you doubt this try and write a step by step list of all the things you have to do when you next have a bath! Many elderly people choose not to have a bath because of their fear of falling, getting back out of the bath or the fear of being embarrassed while being stuck in a bath or having someone assist them for the first time in many years. We understand all those fears and the additional concerns about being left shivering in the cold, with wet hair after they get out... But a well managed bath can be relaxing as well as a functional necessity for general well being.


We will produce a personal method statement for managing the bathing or showering process covering the obvious safety aspects through to personal preferences e.g.  hair washed first or last etc. Our carers are trained to follow this part of the care plan to give a safe and relaxed experience.


Support in maintaining some form of normality around toileting and toiletry needs is as important to your loved one as it is to you. Our carers are trained in dealing with incontinence and catheter care. The care plan will include a regime to manage the hygiene aspects as well as safe disposal designed in a way to protect a customer’s dignity and self esteem.



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