Care Management

The key to quality care service for the elderly is in the management of the care programme

Care Management requires a thorough understanding of each customer’s requirements, preferences and circumstances and the ability to rapidly change things when needs change, as they often do for the elderly.

Our management is superior because of...

Our Commitment to Care

When we take on a care commission we are committed to:

  • Providing a highly individualised care package designed especially for you
  • Once you are a customer we are committed to being there to help you. Whether it’s a redesign of the care plan or assisting with hospital transfers or dealing with changes in medication- we’ll share our expertise and help you along
  • We will manage your care, picking up on what happens in the home through our unique system of care reports as well as through our customer review meeting, surveys and being always available by phone for any queries
  • Working as a care team. Our promises will be met by our visiting carers working in a team organized and supported by a management team dedicated to ensuring a safe, reliable and caring service. Our customers will receive home care services Maidenhead or home care services Windsor that are focused on quality, responsiveness and high customer satisfaction.
  • We make extensive use of technology to help reduce our administrative costs and to record what happens during a visit. We make the full record of each visit available to customers to view through the web portal on this web-site.

How We Assess The Care Needs

We believe that only by understanding the care needs, the individual preferences of each customer and their circumstances (both socially and around the home), can we hope to provide a high quality of care. Without this understanding care workers cannot deliver on unknown expectations and the service might only reach an acceptable level through a disturbing by trial and error approach. This is why we reject this type of approach.

Prior to our commitment to a care package, we will insist on a care assessment meeting in the home. We can see mobility issues, discuss how to get in or out of a bath/shower review what aids and equipment are present and talk at length to the person who will be receiving our assistance.

During the assessment we will be happy to discuss possible solutions and share our expertise as to what might work and what will not. From this assessment meeting, we will produce an initial care plan for agreement and an agreed schedule of visits that will form our commitment and our contract for the care to be provided.

In Our Customer's Words

Extra touch of care

Many thanks for this morning’s phone call- most kind of you to take the time and trouble. It is thoughtful gestures such as this which add that extra touch of care to Halcyon Homecare and they are greatly appreciated.


Trusted Advisor

I am very glad that we chose Halycon for Uncle Phil. You have always had his interests at heart and have offered very much a personal service that has inspired confidence.  I have always trusted your judgement and in your management of his Alzheimers.


Real Empathy

The home assessment was carried out in the most professional manner and the carers were always on time and treated our mother with the utmost care and friendliness. Halcyon appears to employ carers who have real empathy with clients and who will go the second mile wherever possible. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to those who were in our position. Halcyon did a wonderful job for us.

Nicola (Daughter) Maidenhead

Simply Amazing

This was the first care company my Aunt contacted and if she had contacted 100, I don’t think she would have found a better one!
Lyndsay (Niece) Maidenhead

How We recruit Our Staff

We believe that most people can be trained in the physical tasks associated with the providing care assistance but the key success factor in good care workers is whether they can 'care'; whether they can relate to elderly people for who they are while respecting their life experiences. This is what we are looking for in candidates at interview.

Our staff are recruited directly following interview and conditional on satisfactory references from previous employers. All the staff have been subjected to police vetting through the Disclosure Barring Service (previously known as CRB) a check prior to visiting any customer. Some of our best carers have been trained entirely by Halcyon Home Care and we have also managed to successfully retrain workers from care homes into the more independently minded and customer centred approach that is required for homecare work. Our key driver in recruiting and appointing new staff is our absolute commitment that our customers get professional Windsor elderly care and Maidenhead elderly care.

All our staff carry security ID passes and wear staff uniforms so they are easily identified by customers.

How We Inform Our Staff What is Required

Once the Care Plan is agreed we produce a Service File which sits in the customer’s home and includes a detailed care plan of the tasks to be completed in each visit and where things are found in the home. Each carer reads the care plan and records from previous visits before commencing the work on a visit.

New carers for a customer are briefed by the Care Manager before arriving at the property. Carers that are new to the business will visit the customers in their “round” as a part of their induction work shadowing.

All our staff carry mobile phones provided by the business. This allows free and immediate communication by text or call on changing situations and allows care workers to have immediate access to support and advice on an emergency or unplanned situation. We also record all of our visits electronically and carers have access to the last 5 reports through their reporting App on their phone. This aids continuity between calls ensuring washing is taken out of the washing machine or newly issued medication is dispensed correctly.

How We Manage Our Care Teams

We are a small, local service that prides ourselves on knowing our care workers as people first and as employees secondly. We don’t believe that anyone can care if they are tired or unhappy at work and try to ensure this doesn’t happen with our staff.

We manage our care packages through a team approach. Wherever possible we keep the same small team of care workers for a customer. This allows a trusting relationship to be formed with a team that also get to know that individual and can 'spot' when something is not quite correct. This approach also allows carers to take holidays and attend training. It also helps manage the avoidance of concerns regarding carer dependency.