Carer Respite Assistance

We have experience of meeting family carers that have given everything to the care of a loved one but after a lengthy period find themselves worn-out and in need of a break. We have every sympathy for you if you’re in that situation. We strongly believe that you need to be fresh to care effectively. We also see how dependent an elderly person can become on one carer and how lacking in confidence they can become when their carer is not available for whatever reason. It is sad but true that some become completely unreasonable about carers being absent for any reason, even where the carer’s own health is at risk.

We are able to provide assistance in such circumstances. We prefer to have a regular carer-respite arrangement where we visit 1 or 2 days a week to provide a break for the carer. Working with the carer we will integrate our activities in our Care Plan to mirror the main aspects of the existing care regime. This arrangement prepares and facilitates our care team to take over for a longer carer holiday break where we will assume responsibility in their absence. Without such an arrangement and the relationship it allows us to build, it is difficult to cover a short-term carer respite holiday break.

We have taken on holiday assignments but each one would need to be considered on it’s merits, our availability and especially the potential impact on the elderly person concerned. Short term assignments where resources are available will obviously attract a management set up fee.


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