Halcyon Homecare Price Guide

Providing a simple explanation on pricing is difficult for such an individually tailored service as home care; in all our assignments we have never provided the same package twice! But we realise that the affordability of a quality care service is of  concern to all our customers and we hope the following is a good illustration of packages we provide:

Bob’s family (name changed) live a long way away from Maidenhead and cannot get to see him very often. He manages all his own personal care and was originally reluctant to have carers to visit but his family wanted the security of knowing that he has a trained person looking in on him providing a cooked (microwave) meal and some social interaction with a visit at lunchtime on the days when he’s not at the day centre and at the weekend. Bob’s care package costs a typical £58.00 each week.

Joan (name changed) is 92, lives on her own and requires assistance in the mornings to get ready for the day. She can manage her own medications and once up and ready for the day will manage her own meals and is happy to get herself back into bed in the evening. Joan needs assistance everyday first thing in the morning to help her get up and dressed and once a week she has additional assistance when she takes her bath. She also finds it easier for Halcyon girls to do her weekly shopping at Tesco. Joan’s care package costs a typical £104.00 each week.

Sheila (name changed) is more dependent on the support of carers to remain at her home in Ascot. She suffers from dementia but is still safe to live at home and receives 3 visits a day, everyday, from carers to assist with her personal care and toiletry needs, medication management and meals. Her local family and friends manage her other needs in shopping and domestic chores. Sheila’s care package costs a typical £220.00 each week.

Of course, we also do full packages of care for customers that require personal care, domestic chores, shopping, collection and management of medications, while providing a weekly update to family living away from this area. In such situations discounts are negotiable as are for care visits exceeding 4 hours at a time.

Every customer receives a written quote as a part of their care assessment and Service Contract.


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