About Halcyon

Our primary purpose is to provide quality support to enable elderly people to continue to have the choice to remain at home for as long as they want and it is safe to do so. We only provide services elderly people living at home local to Windsor and Maidenhead. We are based in Maidenhead and all our directors, managers and care staff live locally. Elderly Care in Maidenhead and Windsor is for our own communities. We believe elderly people living at home deserve the best care that can be provided in a way that suits their needs and preferences.

We only ever want to be considered as a high quality care provider and we have designed our management processes, recruitment and training of our care staff to reflect that aspiration. We are unwilling to compromise on the level of service quality.


Elderly people's needs are entirely different depending on their underlying health, mobility and the availability of family and support. Their requirements may also affected by their home environment and the proximity to shops and services. We have provided assistance to over 350 local families from accompanied shopping trips and companionship calls through to complex personal care needs and dementia care support. Each care package is assessed on an individual basis and the care plan tailored to meet those needs. We operate on agreed and scheduled time-slots where only extreme weather or traffic problems prevent the call being on time. Regular reviews of the service needs and the quality of service are conducted with the managers of the business to ensure complete satisfaction.  

Staff and Recruitment

The quality of care we provide is very dependant on the quality of care workers we employ. We have always been very proud of the standard of our care workers, the training we provide them and the supervision and support they receive from their Seniors and managers.

We believe homecare work offers flexibility and a direct involvement in caring for someone that brings the reward of knowing you’ve made a difference. We are delighted that many of our team have been trained from being new to care and we have watched them develop into high performing care workers that we have supported to obtain formal qualifications in Health and Social Care.

We welcome new applications to join our team. Whether you are experienced in homecare, or looking for a career change into something more rewarding this could be ideal for you. We especially welcome and support mature candidates that may not have previously considered a role in caring for the elderly in their working lives.

If you are considering a career in care but find it difficult to find out what working in homecare means why not give us a call or send your contact details on our recruitment pages.

Welcome to Halcyon Homecare

The partners of Halcyon started out in 2010 with a clear view of what makes a good Maidenhead homecare provider. Since that time we’ve learnt many lessons through assisting over 350 local families each with entirely different support requirements but our vision regarding good quality care has never changed. We believe

  • care has to be tailored to the individual care recipient’s needs; To their capabilities, their home environment and the other support from friends and families that is available to them.
  • care assistance is something we do withour customers in their homes. It is definitely not something we do to a customer. We always remember they are a customer by choice.
  • good care comes from a caring relationship and good mutual communications based on consent, dignity and agreement.
  • all our operations optimise technology to facilitate good management but retain the human touch when dealing with customers and their families. Through technology we can share with sometimes remote family members what happened during a visit within minutes of the call being completed.
  • being local and independent is best. What we do matters everyday to our customers, and to all our management and staff. Our management team live locally and understand the Maidenhead area and local issues. We are not a franchise nor part of a national group.

Our Services

We believe good care doesn’t happen by accident. It can only be delivered by a good understanding of the individual needs of each customer, delivered by good staff that are directed and co-ordinated through effective, professional organisation.

We design all our care activities through a care needs assessment with the customer. In this process we’re investigating what the individual can do without assistance and in which ways we might be of assistance. Assessing someone’s care needs is a professional skill following our own process developed by the management team. It is only carried out by members of the management team usually through a visit to the property. From the care needs assessment we will develop a Care Plan which forms the basis of what a care worker will do during a care visit.

For some people a companionship call mixed with an accompanied shopping trip or some light domestic chores is all they require. Others may need much more assistance in their personal care, in dressing or meal preparation. Some of our customers have required assistance to ensure their medications are taken with the correct dosage at the right time or in applying prescribed creams in those difficult to reach areas.

About 30% of our customers suffer from various stages of one of the dementia illnesses. The effects can affect some people’s short term memory, or physical co-ordination, or their sense of direction, or awareness of time during the day. It can cause significant fear and confusion in the person suffering with this illness as well as other behavioural and physical conditions. As well as the effect on the sufferer, it can also create a significant burden and stress on other family members. Halcyon care workers are trained in dealing with people with dementia and understand the difficulties it can create within families. Sadly, we cannot treat the illness but we can use our experience to make things safer and more comfortable for the individual while offering reassurance to family members.

Extra touch of care

Many thanks for this morning’s phone call- most kind of you to take the time and trouble. It is thoughtful gestures such as this which add that extra touch of care to Halcyon Homecare and they are greatly appreciated.


Trusted Advisor

I am very glad that we chose Halycon for Uncle Phil. You have always had his interests at heart and have offered very much a personal service that has inspired confidence.  I have always trusted your judgement and in your management of his Alzheimers.


Real Empathy

The home assessment was carried out in the most professional manner and the carers were always on time and treated our mother with the utmost care and friendliness. Halcyon appears to employ carers who have real empathy with clients and who will go the second mile wherever possible. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to those who were in our position. Halcyon did a wonderful job for us.

Nicola (Daughter) Maidenhead

Simply Amazing

This was the first care company my Aunt contacted and if she had contacted 100, I don’t think she would have found a better one!
Lyndsay (Niece) Maidenhead

5 Reasons to Choose Halcyon Home Care to provide assistance

  1. We're an established, independent, local provider of care; experienced in assisting and supporting the needs of elderly people living in their own home in the Maidenhead area. Small enough to understand each need of our customers but big enough to respond to those needs.
  2. We know our value lays in helping people to choose to live safely in their own home for as long as they can.
  3. We’re innovative and committed to improving the quality of care we provide. We have developed our own in-house software to enable families to review the record of a visit via our on-line portal offering them reassurance as well as information.
  4. We’re committed to providing quality care tailored to meet the individual needs of each of our customers.
  5. We employ trained, vetted and supervised staff that live locally and who can easily communicate with our customers to form friendly but professional caring relationships.