Our Services

Our Services

We believe good care doesn’t happen by accident. It can only be delivered by a good understanding of the individual needs of each customer, delivered by good staff that are directed and co-ordinated through effective, professional organisation.

We design all our care activities through a care needs assessment with the customer. In this process we’re investigating what the individual can do without assistance and in which ways we might be of assistance. Assessing someone’s care needs is a professional skill following our own process developed by the management team. It is only carried out by members of the management team usually through a visit to the property. From the care needs assessment we will develop a Care Plan which forms the basis of what a care worker will do during a care visit.

Companionship Calls

For some people a companionship call mixed with an accompanied shopping trip or some light domestic chores is all they require. Others may need much more assistance in their personal care, in dressing or meal preparation. Some of our customers have required assistance to ensure their medications are taken with the correct dosage at the right time or in applying prescribed creams in those difficult to reach areas.

Extra touch of care

Many thanks for this morning’s phone call- most kind of you to take the time and trouble. It is thoughtful gestures such as this which add that extra touch of care to Halcyon Homecare and they are greatly appreciated.


Trusted Advisor

I am very glad that we chose Halycon for Uncle Phil. You have always had his interests at heart and have offered very much a personal service that has inspired confidence.  I have always trusted your judgement and in your management of his Alzheimers.


Real Empathy

The home assessment was carried out in the most professional manner and the carers were always on time and treated our mother with the utmost care and friendliness. Halcyon appears to employ carers who have real empathy with clients and who will go the second mile wherever possible. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to those who were in our position. Halcyon did a wonderful job for us.

Nicola (Daughter) Maidenhead

Simply Amazing

This was the first care company my Aunt contacted and if she had contacted 100, I don’t think she would have found a better one!
Lyndsay (Niece) Maidenhead

Dementia Care

About 30% of our customers suffer from various stages of one of the dementia illnesses. Dementia is not a specific disease. It's an overall term that describes a wide range of symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills that reduce ability to perform everyday activities. Alzheimer's disease accounts for around 60 percent of cases but we also regularly deal with people suffering from Vascular Dementia and Dementia with Lewy Bodies. The effects can affect some people’s short term memory, or physical co-ordination, or their sense of direction, or awareness of time during the day. It can cause significant fear and confusion in the person suffering with this illness as well as other behavioural and physical conditions. Unfortunately, most dementias are progressive and rational and complex thinking may become increasingly impaired.

As well as the effect on the sufferer, it can also create a significant burden and stress on other family members.

Our care workers are trained in dealing with dementia care in Maidenhead and understand the difficulties it can create within families. Since no two people experience dementia alike, the degree of care assistance and support needed varies between people. Our care plans seek to establish a daily routine in meals, personal hygiene and shopping and in maintaining some regularity. We can also help with calendar notes, medication schedules and other reminders. We can also assist and in preparing customers to get ready for visiting their local day-centres.

Sadly, we cannot treat the illness but we can use our experience to make things safer and more comfortable for the individual while offering reassurance to family members.

Personal Care in the morning and at bedtime

The requirement for assistance in getting in or out of bed and the personal tasks to get ready to face the day or retire for the night is a common requirement for many elderly people at home. It is one of the most common times when falls and accidents occur.

Our care workers are trained in assisting and managing personal care tasks for the elderly. We are patient and attentive over tasks such as transferring safely from bed to bathroom, cleaning teeth or dentures, washing the face and other body parts in a manner that is sensitive to the intimacy of the situation. We are always conscious of the need to maintain our customer's dignity and work in a way to assist our customer with the tasks they cannot or prefer not to do rather than take over the task completely. Our professionalism ensures that the care recipient gets appropriate home help Maidenhead.

Bathing, showering and toiletry needs

Taking a bath or shower on your own requires significant cognitive and physical abilities of flexibility, balance strength and confidence. If you doubt this try writing a step by step list of all the things you have to do when you next have a bath! Many elderly people choose not to have a bath because of their fear of falling or the fear of being embarrassed while being stuck in a bath or having someone assist them for the first time in many years. We understand all those fears and the additional concerns about being left shivering in the cold, with wet hair after they get out... But a well managed bath can be relaxing as well as a functional necessity for general well being.

We will produce a personal method statement for managing the bathing or showering process covering the obvious safety aspects through to personal preferences e.g.  hair washed first or last etc. Our carers are trained to follow this part of the care plan to give a safe and relaxed experience.

Support in maintaining some form of normality around toileting and toiletry needs is as important to your loved one as it is to you. Our carers are trained in dealing with incontinence and catheter care. The care plan will include a regime to manage the hygiene aspects as well as safe disposal designed in a way to protect a customer’s dignity and self esteem.

Shopping, laundry and domestic tasks

The difficulty of managing shopping trips for groceries or medication can be a problem for those elderly with mobility and transport issues. Our carers will pick up a list and money (or help write a shopping list) go to the shops and return with the shopping and change. Once at home they will clean out unwanted food from the fridge and store the groceries.

Other domestic tasks that can become a problem for the frail include the weight of wet laundry and light domestic tasks around the house including cleaning and hygiene cleans to bathrooms and kitchen worktops areas. All of these activities can be included as a part of a care package. Ascot elderly care and Windsor elderly care remains a priority mission statement for our management team.

Medication Control

One of the more important services we offer is around the management and control of medications. Medications can be an issue for the elderly with frequent changes in content and when they’re to be taken. Sufferers of dementia may particularly need prompting and controls to ensure avoidance of over-dosing.

As a part of our care visits and with the express consent of the customer, our carers will organise and give the appropriate medication for the time of the visit, recording the activity in our contact sheets and a separate medication record chart. Any refusal or failure to take medication will be noted and if persistent will be raised with GP. It is important that the elders have independence and we can provide home help Ascot home help Windsor.

Our carers will also manage skin creams, creams for other ailments as well as eye drops and ear drops.

Assistance in getting dressed and undressed

Arthritis, stroke, general frailty or short term recovery from falls and accidents mean that we can be required to assist in getting an elderly person dressed or undressed at the end of the day. As with other personal care tasks the care workers are trained to work patiently with safety of the elderly customer while getting dressed the prime concern.

For some people suffering with various forms of dementia we may also assist in helping remind them to change their clothes and underwear on a regular basis.

Preparing meals and feeding

Adequate nutrition and hydration is a key well-being component for the elderly and our care workers can assist at a number of levels from meal planning, preparation and feeding through to preparing a simple breakfast or sandwich for lunch.

Where possible we will work with our customers in preparing a meal with the customer managing part of the task so they remain involved. Our carers are capable of preparing a meal from ingredients where a customer demands this but for many the ease and speed of micro-waved meals are sufficient to provide a hot and healthy meal.

We can provide carers that are trained in feeding techniques. Our home care services Ascot and home care services Windsor is done in a professional matter.


The following are from letters sent to the office but independent, varified reviews are also available from the following link

Carol -Ascot

It is a great comfort to me to know that someone is looking in on him twice a day. Thanks to your carers he’s making great progress.

Steph - Maidenhead

Thank you for keeping us so well informed and for looking after Mum and Dad. We couldn’t keep them together at home without your help.

Brenda G –Maidenhead

I am very pleased with your excellent service- especially Ann- your girls are a great help to me.

Viv S- Maidenhead

Thank you to all the team for the help you have given Mum these last few weeks.

Doreen A - Cookham

Thank you for your excellent service

John W- Cookham

Many thanks for this morning's phone call- most kind of you to take the time and trouble. It is thoughtful gestures such as this which add that extra touch of care to Halcyon Homecare and they are greatly appreciated.

Carolyn T –White Waltham

I am very glad that we chose Halycon for Uncle Phil. You have always had his interests at heart and have offered very much a personal service that has inspired confidence. I have always trusted your judgement and in your management of his Alzheimers.